Dragon Slayers

Dragon Slayers (Slayers & Protectors Book 1) by [Van Risseghem, Kristin D.]Dragon Slayers the first in the Slayers and Protectors series by Kristin D. Van Risseghem. Brooklyn has been at Slayer school for 11 months and today is the graduation hunt.  She hasn’t gone out of her way to make friends and figures it’s because of the amount of money her parents have and that they are high ranking members on the council. Brooklyn accidentally wanders off on the hunt and comes face to face with a large black dragon where year three student Manny comes to her aid. After fleeing and regrouping with the other year ones, Brooklyn is the last one with a weapon.  Though hesitating to kill the dragon, she finally takes the kill shot earning her a reputation among the first years and the other students. This causes her to become more popular and gets her a best friend in Noelle. At the same time Manny tells Brooklyn of his interest in her and that he can now pursue her as she is no longer a year one. In starting year two with such a large staff the new year twos are broken into three groups each supervised by the top third year students. Manny, Bronx and Staten take the different students and Brooklyn ends up with Bronx who is an uncontrollable flirt and makes the moves on Brooklyn even knowing that she is dating Manny.

Brooklyn starts to build relationships with the three guys even though Staten wants nothing to do with her.  What is going on with the best three guys in the school, and why are they all in some way interested in Brooklyn?


I thought this was a pretty good story. I liked the characters and the depth of Brooklyn. She had issues that she learned to come to terms with. Her shyness is a great addition especially when she starts to step out of her comfort zone. The three guys are good characters even with Bronx being a little over the top, but that is kind of the point of him. This is a clean reverse harem that says it is for 16+.  This story works well on building up the relationship between the characters and the fun use of boroughs as a cuss word had me laughing. I am looking forward to reading the next book especially after the ending of this one.


Check out Dragon Slayers here.


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