Cross the Line Magic

Cross the Line Magic (Believers Book 2) by [Guyer, C.V.]Book Two, Cross the Line Magic in the Believers Series by C & V Guyer. This story follows Mac and Jax in their own story. Mac has finally decided to move out of her parents basement.  But she thinks that they will be upset that she is going, but in fact they are overjoyed and happy to add naked days back to the calendar. Jax has gone out of his way to get himself involved with Mac’s family.  Spending time getting his butt kicked by her brothers, shopping with her mom. Jax knows that Mac is the girl from him, just like his brother Max knew that Laney was the girl for him. Jax finds a way to learn where Mac is moving and snatches up the apartment next door to her. The two fight their attraction while living next door to each other. More secrets are learned about Mac and her gaming profession and Jax and his military work. Jax’s magic is quite different from his brother in that he can’t ever be trapped and can get out of anything.

Can Jax win Mac’s heart or will his magic come between them, or will it be the pig?

This was a fun second novel. I love Jax, he was so much fun in Cross the Hall Magic it was fun to get to read his story.  I like that this book took place a little after the first story and ties into the Christmas short story. Written between a mother and daughter team, it blends well without any change in voice. The different chapters are from the different main characters and bring back many of the previous characters. I like the addition of the new characters and can’t wait to see more of Aladdin and hopefully Todd. This book has lots of laughs and is a fun read.  I totally recommend this series and the short stories that go along with the series.


Check out Cross the Line Magic here


Read Cross the Hall Magic here and check out my review here.


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