Eternal Magic

Eternal Magic: A Demons of Fire and Night Novel (Shadows & Flame Series Book 4) by [Crawford, C.N.]Spoilers if you have not read the other three previous books

The final book in the Shadows and Flame Series, Eternal Magic a Demons of Fire and Night by writing duo C.N. Crawford. Ursula has been taken captive by Abrax and is being held hostage in his dungeon.  There after having been missing, Ursula finds a tortured Kester. Abrax wants to take Ursula’s power and add it to his own. But she has other ideas.

When it is learned that Abrax has Ursula, the other Lords of the Shadow Realm come for her and attempt to use Bael against her. But when Ursula see him, she sees that is is consumed with his blood lust, and the last time she had been with him it hadn’t ended well.  But Bael seems to be more in control than ever before. Bael and Ursula escape into the Night for Ursula to learn more about not only herself but also about her past and who her mother was. The two decide to go after Excalibur in the hopes of defeating Abrax.

This might be my favorite series by C.N. Crawford.  I love Ursula and Bael is so awesome.  I love the history that they use for the past. The writing is amazing and you can’t tell the transitions between the two authors. Ursula is totally kick ass and it’s great to see a female character that is pretty fearless.  I love seeing an empowered woman that doesn’t put up with anyone’s crap. Bael, what can’t I say.  I love this character.  I love who he is and how it hasn’t always been what the reader was told that he had so much more depth to his personality.  The ending to the story is a great way to end everything so I was happy with it.  I am wondering how the newest series fits into the world.


Check out Eternal Magic here.


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