Pirate Nemesis

pirate nemesisPirate Nemesis, telepathic space pirates book one, by Carysa Locke.

I’m fleeing from my family, for years now. First with my mom and now it is only me. I don’t know if my mom is dead or still alive. Still I keep searching for her.
Luckily I don’t have to do it alone, my best friend Atrea is with me.
Only one problem, we are both caught by gifted people and they want something from me.
See I’m a gifted, a telepathic and a powerful one too.
Now I need to safe my friend and the only way to do that is reunite with my long lost family.

I promised myself that when I find another strong gifted person who could harm my family and my world, I would kill her. Now that I have found her, I don’t know what to do. How can I kill a woman like her, am I falling for her powers. Will my choices doom us all?

This book was also a recommendation and I’m really happy that I read the book. It was good, fun and amazing well written. The story flows, the characters are great and loving and fun to read.
It is a great world to read and I’m really excited for part two.
I like the Sci-fi genre and this is a favorite for me, I like the space part and that there are gifted people. Like I said I like the story in general and how it is written.
The character are great to read, the MC is strong and knows what she wants, I like that she doesn’t trust her family and only a guy named Reaper. She is strong and tries to do the best for her friends.
Astrea is great and funny I love to read more about her. And the other characters are great too, like I said again, I like this book. So read the book if you like Sci-fi, a nice exciting story with a really good looking man and maybe more.

Get your copy here.

Have a nice read,





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