Reign, Strands of Starfire

Strands of starfireReign, Strands of Starfire book one by May Sage

From the moment I opened my eyes I was in a prison. Serving the Warlord of our multi-world kingdom. I have never know freedom.
The one thing I learned was to hide, lie and play the obedient little puppet everyone thinks I am.
Until one day, I meet him. The male who can destroy the whole Galaxy.
And I saved him.

I saw my future, how my live will be. Only first I have to get there and that will be a long hard road. Because she will not be with me. I will destroy everything there is to get her by my side, to get her safe. I’m going to rule this world and she will be with me.

I have a lot of recommended books and this was one of them. I liked the book, it is something different then what I normally read. I like the idea of two souls connected throughout time and space. I didn’t really like how the writer told the story, by giving a flashback of how they came to where they are now. I felt that it lost some depth in it, the story jumped from one point to the other. There was a flow in it and that was nice and it was better because of the different way how the story was told. I liked it, fun read and that is it. Not all the book that I read can be amazing and perfect. This one was good and fun and certainly something you should read if you like a little darker book then normal, two lost souls and a great female MC and a strong and hard male MC.

Get your copy here.

Have a nice read.



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