Stolen by an Alien

Stolen by an alienStolen by an Alien written by Amanda Milo.

I saved a Gryfala from her buyers, better said I stole her from her buyers. I did a good thing, she screamed for help and I found her.
Only there is one thing, she doesn’t look like a Gryfala, she doesn’t sound like it or acts like one. And I can’t understand her. What is she and why am I reacting like this, protective and possessive.
I need to bring her back to her home and get back to my life.

I was saved, luckily on time, by an alien. I know, it can’t get any stranger. Okay maybe, I’m not on Earth anymore and I don’t know where I am. Only that I woke up in an action pen, got sold and now I’m here with this guy, if you could call it a guy.
Now I need to find a way to get home and too make him stop calling me Princess, because I’m not that, will never be and certainly never going to happen. I’m human and I want to go home.

I read this book on a recommendation from someone. I liked it, didn’t really fall in love with it. Still it was a good read, fun and a nice flow in the story. Felt kind of sad that there wasn’t a second book with these two main characters in it. The books go on with a different MC in them.
It is well written, the sexy parts are fun and the characters still grow on you. I found it a little difficult to read because I couldn’t imagine the alien in my head, he kept looking different every time they told me something new about him. In my mind he looked like a dragon alien, with a pig nose.

A fun read and something for a road trip with long hours of nothing.

Get your copy here.

Have a nice read.



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