Phoenix Descending, Curse of the Phoenix

Phoenix descendingPhoenix Descending, Curse of the Phoenix book one. By Dorothy Dreyer.

A sickness is spreading throughout the world, but it is hitting Drothidia rather hard, the home of Tori Kagari. This sickness took her sister and now it is planning on taking her whole family.
She need to save them, she is forced to work with the Khadulians, who have the cure for this sickness. And to save her family, she agrees to go on a dangerous mission.
Her mission, to travel to Avarell and infiltrate their queendom and find out their secrets.

Pretending to be someone you’re not sounds easy, it is only so much harder when you are being watched. Every lie she tells, every theft, every move she makes can bring her closer to her death and that of her family. How will she survive in a place that kills so easily, how will she fulfil her mission and save her family without losing herself?

I liked this book and I know I like almost every book I read. Others more and others less. It is different from what I was reading these pat months. And I’m really happy that I picked up the book.
Tori is a great person to read, she has a strong character and knows what is important. Willing to risk her life for others makes her great. You see how she grows throughout the book and how she grows in her role as a spy. I like that she is a spy, something different than the normal hero’s you read about.  

I really liked the twists and turns in the book, never saw them coming and that is one of the fun parts of reading.

It is well written, good flow of the story and everything is detailed enough to create an amazing world. I like that all the three countries are so different. And I’m really curious about the sickness that spreads through Drothidia. It has a nice cliff hanger and I really want to read the second part.
It was a fun read and a story you really want to be part of.

Get your copy here.

Have a nice read.


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