Protect, Book 1 in the Guardians Series by K.K. Tynan.  Rose is a librarian at a specialty library called the TOMBS (Treasury of Magical Bestial Studies. She was excited to get to join to further her own research of studying lost cities, though her first priority was to the benefactors of the library. While on her way out, two creatures attacked her forcing her into shift.  But not a normal shift. Rose turned into a small auburn mouse where she was then saved by Keyne a man tasked with protecting her. She is brought with him to his organization and helped to turn back human with the aid of Mags, an associate. Once she is back to her human form, Rose starts to question what is going on with her. She learns that Keyne along with Gris, another guardian, are going to protect her and find out why she was attacked in the first place.

The three set off on an adventure to discover if the Lost City of Moberley in Missouri and to find out the secrets of a secret society that no one thought really existed.

This book started out interesting.  A research looking into lost cities, especially those that angels might have had contacted. But then the story takes a weird turn that I don’t know if flowed well in the book. It seemed strange but that might have been what the author was hoping for since this is a book in a series.  The point of view throughout the chapters changes so sometimes knowing what is happening can get a little confusing. I felt that the main character was weak and honestly gave up more times than not. Even with the strong male characters, they even seem to give up. The writing was good, but I just feel lost in the story.


Check out Protect here.


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