Hidden Agenda

Hidden Agenda: A Reverse Harem Romance (The Code Book 2) by [Jadin, Bethany]Hidden Agenda, Book 2 in the Code Series by Bethany Jadin finds Emma with even more troubles. She still hasn’t finished her code yet but companies are still trying to convince her to sale.  More things begin to happen to not just Emma, but her bestie Zoey and her parents. She keeps feeling at odds with what is happening with her relationship between all five of the guys and her want to conduct business with her.  Emma starts to get closer with each of the guys to the point of intimacy, and then worries when she decides that she wants to be with all of the members of Pentabyte. Even after learning about of their pasts that she hadn’t expected.

Emma is being pursued by more than just Pentabytes. Now BHC wants her to sell their code to her but unlike Pentabytes who wants to include her and is happy to answer any question that she might have, BHC wants to disclude her and essentially take her name off of her own program.  While Emma hasn’t decided who to sale too, she is faced with the issues of her code interfering with her personal and professional life Can she figure out who is behind the break ins and who stole from her bank account originally?

This is a great series.  And like I said for the first book in this series I like that there is a female coder that is a bit geeky making being geeky kind of sexy.  Each of the guys are great in this book and getting to see into what makes each of them tick was a great addition to the book. The writing was smooth and the transitions between the chapters and the voices were clear and getting to see what was happening to each of the characters always adds a great insight. The guys all grow and getting to see their own desires and how different each on is adds to the depth of the guys. Emma in this book almost moves backwards in her attitude, but I think in Book 3 we will see a series change in her for the good.  Especially with the ending we are left with. It was a great read and I am looking forward to book 3 in this series.


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