Polar Fates

Polar Fates: A Reverse Harem Novel (The Drowning Book 2) by [MacKinnon, Skye]Book two, Polar Fates, in the Drowning Series by Skye MacKinnon continues the story of Isla and her four sexy bear shifters. Isla has bonded with Torben and can now feel his presence more. She is waiting to bond with the other three, but hasn’t found the time since their group session. Traders come to the island with items.to trade for the batteries that the two older bears found on the island before the drowning. In the items is a group of books, with one very special book. The story of the three bears that holds the actual history of the bear shifters. Finally the group can learn more about their history and not just from what Alis remembers before she died and became a spirit. In the book, the group finds at the end that there is someone that wants to meet them and the reason for no cubs being born. The fates have interacted for a specific reason and now need their help to fix the issues.  And what an issue it is, the reasons are justifiably, though tough on all bear shifters.

Isla gets the chance to grow in this book and come to greater terms with sharing with Alis.  Getting to know Alis better adds to the overall feel of the book and allows for the reader to understand the motivations that occur for both Isla and Alis.  The guys open up more and learning more about their backstory helps to understand why each acts the way they do. Each of the bears is so different and learning their pasts explains so much about them. The writing is very smooth and shows growth in the characters.  With all the excitement of this book I am looking forward to what happens with the group.


Check out Polar Fates here


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