Oath Forger, book three

oaht forger 3Oath Forger, book three by Nia Mars.

They found out.
They know I’m a virgin and that drives these man even crazier. I’m falling for them, my heart is opening up to them, I don’t want to leave them. Only there is a committee on its way to find out if I’m the real Oath Forger. Only I already know, I’m not, so what is going to happen to me.
And how will I survive this, how can I leave them. How can I leave my Kreks.

Then there is that other part, who will take my virginity, who will be my first. They all want to be, they all want me to accept them. How can I do that when I’m not even sure how this al works.

Will I survive them, will I survive being the Oath Forger and love them all or will I find out that I’m truly not what they think I am and do I have to leave them. I don’t think that my heart will survive that.

O my Goldfish, this book was amazing. I don’t think I took a breath while I read it. Still too short for me, only it is so well written that it sucks me in and I live in her world. I have a new favorite author named Nia Mars (love the last name.) I don’t mind that is short, it doesn’t matter when you start reading it. Until it ends, then it matters for now I enjoy the world Nia creates.

I love how Ava grows in her new life and I love her for it. She freaks out and freaks out more and then grabs the bull by its horns and faces whatever comes her way. I love and hate Roax, he sounds so delicious, I really like Tiam and Uthan, Dason is sweet and reminds me of a warm cosy blanket, Koah is great, he is the best. I think if I had my own Harem, they would be in it, they all speak to a part of me I think.

The story flows and there are a few surprises in the book that makes it fun to read. It is well written, it is fast but not too fast, if you get what I mean. I really enjoy reading these books and I will enjoy them throughout my life. Reading them again and again, to tell you something stupid, they speak to me in a way I only have with a few books. They make me disappear from the world and live for a few hours somewhere else. Thank you for that Nia Mars.

Get your copy here.

Have a really nice read,



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