Hell’s Revenge, Princess of Hell

Hell's revengeHell’s Revenge, Princess of Hell book three by Eve Langlais.

My mom showed up, while we were having a nice family dinner, my dad, my two lovers and me. You would think that i would be happy to find out who she is. Any normal person would be, only my mom has some big news, something that will change my life forever and something i’m not happy with.
So you could guess my reaction towards her, no not all happy and friendly. I tried to kill her, didn’t work, my two lovers got in the way. I’m the one here with mommy issues so back off.

After killing the cowled one, I hoped that everything would be go back to normal. As far as having two man in my bed is called normal. I love them both and they are all mine.
So when I find myself in a messy situation and find out that there is another man planning to take over my life and who saves me, I can’t really handle it. The only good thing is, he is tall, gorgeous and fanged and my nympho magic is more than happy with him in the picture. Not wanting to let my boyfriend’s know I keep it a secret, only to have it bite me in the ass later.

The darkness that roams through hell is looking for me, and when they find me they take something from me. And now I want it back, I’m the princes of Hell and I’m pissed. So I’m going after them for the last showdown and take back what is mine.
With my family and lovers at my side I make a plan, to revenge hell.

This was kind of the last book in the series for me. There is another book and it is called Vacation Hell I’m planning on reading that one too. After I finish some other books. It is more a side story for what I think, I can be wrong so please let me know if I miss something.
About the book I’m writing this review for.

I liked that it went a little different than I’m use to and how Muriel needs to step up and kick some ass a little more. She is great at what she does and I love her for who she is. Her men are awesome and the fact that they added a Vampire in the mix is great. I always loved vampires and then specially the tall, gorgeous ones. There was one thing is kind of missed, not going to tell you what it is because It will tell you more of the book then you need to know for now. Better to read it yourself then listen to my rambling on. But I kind of missed some more time with someone and that is all, the whole book is great and well written, a lot of fun to read and a great series to have in my collection (kindle collection). Eve Langlais is a great writer and knows what she is doing and giving me a new author too keep an eye on.

Get your copy here.

Have a nice read.


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