Born of Embers

Born of Embers: Phoenix Rising Book One by [Wylde, Harper, Arthurs, Quinn]Born of Embers: Phoenix Rising Book One by Harper Wylde and Quinn Arthurs is a different look at shifters. Nix has been hurt and beaten and even murdered by her father Michael.  But no matter what he does to her, she doesn’t die, she is just reborn to her body completely healed.  Something her insane abusive father loves. But now that Nix is 18 she is ready to leave an go to college as far from Orlando, Fl as she can get. And that distance is all the way to Anchorage, Alaska at the University of Alaska. She flees in the middle of the night and boards a plane with two bags to her name and a little money saved and high tails it away.  She is very much an introvert and freaks out if people touch her or even brush up against her.

Nix has never really had friends, and now has to live with someone else.  Her new roommate seems a little different too and always has three guys around that she seems awful close too, but Nix doesn’t question it.  That is until her roommate makes the comment about her being like them. But Nix has no idea what they are talking about.  She guessed that their were other supernatural type people out there but she doesn’t even know what she is.

Nix is introduced to the world of the shifters.  She learns that there are many different types and some rarer than others.  Those extra rare types can turn into creatures that most people only dream of.  They are called mythologicals and can be anything from a unicorn to a dragon or even a paca.

Nix starts to learn that she belongs in this world, even when she and the five hot mythological guys are meet with issues that they don’t know where are coming from.


This was a great read and I really enjoyed the whole book.  I like that there are different groupings of shifters and that the five guys are such awesome ones.  I love the jokes and the playfulness of the guys in regard to each of their animals and I also liked the different types.  They were spread out in kind and it was nice to not see the same species time and again. The writing was well done and the style was very well thought out.  I also like the breakdown of the chapters as I think in a reverse harem that can add depth to the story.


Check out Born in Embers and let me know what you think.  Grab a copy here.



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