Fire Bride

Fire Bride: A Reverse Harem Dragon Fantasy (Drakoryan Brides Book 2) by [Sinclair, Ava]Fire Bride is the second in Ava Sinclair’s newest series. Lyla has come to accept her new mates and is in fact really enjoying her time with each one. There seems to be something going on with not only her lords, but the others.  A council meeting has been called and Lyla new to her position is meant to host all of the other Fire Brides. She has to feed and house and provide servants to care for the children the families bring with them.  But she starts to suspect that this is more than just a regular council meeting and that her mates are hiding things of vital importance from her.  She knows that she isn’t a typical Fire Bride.  She is more interested in finding knowledge and understanding the world that she is now a part of.

Lyla’s four mates are hiding a secret from her, even after Orin the seer told them that it would go against the prophecy that he had seen.  Keeping secrets could tear their family apart. The guys continue to without information, from not just Lyla, but from the council as well.  Two villages have been destroyed and all of the maidens taken.  What could the Shadowfell want with them, they are just beasts after all?

This was a fun and enjoyable book two.  I like how Lyla is not the typical bride and doesn’t just fall into what her mates want.  She never loses that fire that makes her, well her. She keeps pushing for more.  The book gives great history and I really liked the opening for the book.  It was a great introduction to this book. I also enjoyed that Lyla wasn’t alone completely, even with her mates doing/saying dumb things.  She is much more forgiving than me. The story is written with each chapter being from a different point of view and like the first it adds to what is going on with the five characters.  I always enjoy seeing stories from more than one persons point of view. The write is good and concise and Ava did a great job of adding to her created world.

Check out Fire Brides here.

If you haven’t read Sacrifice check it out here and read my review here.


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