Dissent, Rise of the Iliri

DissentDissent, Rise of the Iliri book 7 by Auryn Hadley.

After the Parliament finally agrees to an alliance that gives Sal total control of the CFC Military she goes back to Fort Landing a place she called home for a long time.
Now it is not as a conscript but as a queen, The Kaisae of all Iliri, the commander of the Anglian army.
She is here to win a war, make sure that the CFC stays intact while doing so.

The biggest problem are the humans, and yeah I know it gets a little tired of hearing that still it is true, they still think they are better than the Iliri.
The military base hates the Iliri, hate the fact that she is in charge, don’t believe it and don’t want to work with her. So she has to fight them and make sure that she doesn’t lose friends and family in the processes.

Only the humans are doing a good job in destroying their own country from within.
Finding out that Iliri soldiers are disappearing, that there is a group who calls themselves the True soldiers that hate, and I mean Hate, the Iliri. The whole base is a mess and Sal needs to fix that first before she can start to push Terric out.

Her powers still grow and if the stories are true, all Kaisae die or go mad after they win. The strain on her gets bigger and begins to show. How will she help the world if she is going crazy?
She told Blaec once, that people can’t let you down when you don’t lean on them and now is the time she leans on her pack, her family.

Will it all be enough, the support from her family, her friends, her cessivi and Kolt, will she be strong enough to receive the last gift from Ayati

I hated that the book ended, I want the next part. And I know I sound like a little child wanting a new Barbie doll. I keep saying it, they grow all of them are becoming more. I love how the relationship between her cessivi and Kolt grows how she falls in love with him and lets him in. I like his sassy style and that he lives to protect her. The sex scenes are good and I like that she has three man that look after her. Also I think there are some hints in the book about a fourth one, I kind of hope it is Tyr, I like the confident man in the books. And knowing that Shade gets her own little harem made me really happy. I like that Auryn keeps them human even when they are not, Sal still doubts about things that are normal for humans, she cares and I think that is one of the best human traits there is.

I’m so excited about the next book, I have now three things in this year I’m really really looking forward to. These book are so well written, she describes the world so good. Auryn Hadley is one of my all-time favorite writers and to sound really creepy, I wished she was my best friend and told me bedtime stories every night! What a great live I would have.

I know that I say almost in every review the same. And I can keep telling you how I like Arctic, Geo, Ghost, Razor, Shift, Risk, Tilso, Dom, Rayna, Pig, Kolt, Zep, Shaden, Jase, the Grauori, the Verdant Shields, Ran, the Devil Dogs and so on. If I have to tell something about every one of them this review would grow so long as merlin’s beard and you don’t want that. Just believe me when I say that these books are great and definitely something you need to read.

Get your copy here and keep an eye on the blog for more reviews and news about the next book.

Have a nice read,



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