Snowballs in Hell, Princess of Hell

Snowballs in hellSnowballs in Hell, Princess of Hell book two by Eve Langlais

When hell freezes over, a world disaster and I can only think about how pretty it looks.
Knowing that my fight with the cowled isn’t over I have to prepare. Only to be hold back by a curse placed on my mind. Rendering me in fear, making me completely useless.

After finding out that I have Nympho magic, who needs to be charged by sex, which makes me lucky that I have my personal fallen angle who provides me with the most pleasurable sex you can imagine.
Auric is my true love, I love him deeply and are happy that he is with me. Even when he tries to protect me from everything in the world. I’m the daughter of Lucifer, I don’t need protection.

Here comes the problem, I need this curse lifted to save Hell and the only way I can do that is to get another man in my bed. Meaning I have to betray Auric, something I never want to do.
Only my magic keeps demanding, my magic keeps betraying me. Feeling attracted to the other guy, not wanting to betray Auric I keep fighting the feeling.

How am I going to love Auric and safe us all without destroying something so important to me. Am I ready to let somebody else in, take the risk and save the world?

So much fun these books, I’m never going to say, when hell freezes over. Nothing good can come from that. I like Auric, he is the strong manly kind who wants to save everyone. And I love how Muriel reacts on knowing that she needs to sleep with somebody else too to get rid of the curse. The fact that she fights it makes her a bigger hero in my mind. Not willingly to give in, still she thinks. Even when she doesn’t think other things through, so much fun when she does stuff just because she decides that it is the right thing to do.
And I really love Lucifer still, he is so great. And he reminds me of the series Lucifer on Netflix love that series too.

The writer still does a great job, the books are short for my taste, only I didn’t really notice it because they have a lot in them. Detail, a great story line, heroes, nice sex scenes and funny characters. It is a well written book and fun to read.

Get your copy here.

Have a nice read,



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