Resilience, Rise of the Iliri

ResilienceResilience, Rise of the Iliri book 6 by Auryn Hadley.

Her world got turned upside down and now the CFC demands that she meets with the Parliament representatives of the Conglomerate of Free Citizens, to talk about an alliance.
She goes back to the CFC to help the Iliri who are still living there and making sure that all of the CFC survives the threat of Terric.
First she has to survive Parliament, knowing that they demanded her to come to the meeting, knowing that they still think of themselves as the superior species, makes her resent them more.
Still she goes, trying not to hate them, trying not to blame the humans for what happened.

Only Sal struggles and being back in the CFC with so many memories makes it harder, not knowing what to do without Blaec, not knowing what to do with Kolt the man who saved her from the Terric camp. Sal is tired, a living shell from what she used to be. Still she fights on, tries to get Parliament to see what she is doing, giving all the Iliri equal rights and kill the Emperor.
Only the CFC doesn’t understand her, doesn’t want to understand her and keeps trying to disgrace her, prove that they are the better ones here.

Knowing that they need a plan B, if the alliance doesn’t work, Sal and the Black Blades are planning on telling all the Iliri that they have a way out, that there is a place where they are respected and wanted, that they can go to Anglia and live a free live.
And with the help of the Anglia’s they make sure that everyone knows where they need to go.

Sal is getting stronger, her powers are different from the other Kaisae, never have the Iliri seen someone like her. And now Sal needs to learn to live without Blaec, not lose herself in her sorrow and learn how to use her growing powers and not becoming someone like the Emperor.
And in the meantime she needs to co rule a country, defeat the Emperor and get the CFC at her side.

And you thought that your life was hard.

I cried when Blaec died in the last book, and I still cry when things get hard for her. I liked Blaec, I like Kolt more, and still Blaec got a place in my heart. Seeing how she tries to be what everyone expects her to be, how she tries to be human, what still doesn’t work. I like that this book is more about her and her feelings and how she deals with everything that is thrown her way.
How Shaden and Arctic grow together, how she finds a way to save the Iliri and how she makes sure that what she wants doesn’t changes.
Her relationship with Zep and Jase is so great, they love her more than life, and zep even proved her that in the last book. And now she had found a missing piece of her history and it is here to stay.
Something that makes me happy, every time you read a new book in the series, they characters grow, they get more to say and more depth. I love that you see more characters being add to the main story lines, it is about Salryc Luxx and then you have the Black Blades, the Devil Dogs and the Verdant Shields, Dom and Ilija and the Graurori so, yeah it is about them all.

Go read these books, they are amazing. Get your copy here.

Have a nice read,



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