Tenacity, Rise of the Iliri

TenacityTenacity, Rise of the Iliri book 5 by Auryn Hadley.

The Black Blades defected to Anglia, the law that state that any Iliri who choose to relocate to Anglia can do so without consequences are in place. And that is what the Black Blades needed and what Anglia and Viraenova wanted. Now Salryc has a crown and way to help her people.
The CFC doesn’t like this and are pissed off, not wanting an alliance with the Anglia any more, Anglia moves on.

After securing a small town and found almost everyone death, only in a basement of a building they find someone. A girl, with red curls, one ice blue and one pale amber eye sits in a cage.
Scared and with a power nobody ever seen in an Iliri. Sal helps her out of the cage al to aware of what that does to you. Knowing how it is to be a slave, to be caged and treaded like something disgusting. Shaden, the girl starts trusting Sal and they take her back to the camp, giving her a safe place to stay. Giving her the choice of living with them or doing whatever she wants, something called freedom.

They are planning on liberating a city that is been enslaved by the Emperor’s reign.
Only this city is thought to be impenetrable, nobody goes in or out and that is a problem if they want to save everyone inside the city.
They figure out a plan, to get inside, open the gates. And Shaden, still shy and scared with so many man around her becomes their secret weapon, showing how powerful she is.

Every time they win, Sal listens to the people they saved and how she was too late, didn’t save everyone. She can’t sleep, doesn’t eat and keeps on fighting, trying to save everyone.

Only one thing goes wrong, her whole life gets turned upside down. And she has to fight one of the biggest battles yet. Will she survive, will she win this and gain more power or will she crumble and lose everything she fought for.

We got a new person in this book, Shaden, o I like Shaden, she has fire in her. And she sees things black and with, learning that there is also grey in the mix. I like that she stands up for what she believes, how she starts trusting Arctic and the blades. How they give her a family and the choice of freedom. They all grow, the Black Blades, there friendship with the humans, that Rayna and Sal become good friends it so great to read the girl talk moments and they sound so normal.
These books are so good, so well written, thought out and every book tells a part of the war, how they get close to the Emperor and the struggles they have to overcome. In this book you get more chapters that are written from other guys there view and this gives you a better idea of what is going on when they aren’t together. They all have a depth to them that really makes you love them more and more. Read these books, this is a wonderful world to disappear in.
And all of the characters are great, well written and amazing.

Get your copy here.

Have a nice read,



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