Oath Forger, book two

oath forger 2Oath Forger book two by Nia Mars.

It isn’t easy to pretend to be the Oath Forger, not when four of the Five men demand my attention, not when they want me to claim them and believe me, they are gorgeous. Saying no keeps getting harder and harder.

The only thing I know for sure is, to make the Earth save again, that my sister stays save and that I don’t get caught pretending to be the Oath Forger. Because I’m not, I’m a scavenger from earth.

Still pretending to be something I’m not I try to find my way in their world, trying to settle into being the Oath Forger so I can help my world and the universe. Only how am I going to resist the most powerful kings I ever met. How am I going to do this?

Finally finding some answers, I find something else to. Space Pirates….. What are they up to now?

I really liked part two, how she grows in the books and how the Krek’s find out more and more about her. Ava is strong girl and isn’t used to man protection her or even man who wants to lay in her bed with her and adore her so much. She doesn’t understand what being the Oath Forger means and keeps freaking out when the Five tell her what it means to be the Oath Forger, like having their baby’s and make peace throughout the universe.Then she gathers herself, thinks about it, does something irrational and finds a way to deal with it. She is strong and I like that, know what she wants and speaks up. I really enjoyed book two and wished book three was out already, the cliff-hanger is so good and I can’t wait.
It is well written and a good book for short trips and certainly on my, to read again list!

Get your copy here.

Have a nice read,


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