Oath Forger, book one

oath forger 1Oath Forger book one, by Nia Mars.

The earth isn’t the same any more, people try to survive on a planet where there is nothing more but barren land. A girl tries to survive with her sister, scavenging around their home to find things they could sell to make a living for themselves.

Only one day everything goes wrong and I’m being kidnapped by pirates. Not the one that used to come over the sea but the ones from space. Leaving my sister to fight for herself and me to find a way back to her.

How am I going to do that when the man from my dreams appears right before me and claims me as the Oath Forger. The person who is foretold to bring peace between the kingdoms of space. Protecting me from harm and taking me to Merim to meet the other man, or as they are called the Five. The five man rule a part of space and they are the presidents/kings/warlords from space, they are the Krek’s. And I’m thrown into this all without knowing what is happening, so I play along. Keeping myself safe, planning for an escape back to my sister and hoping that they don’t find out that I’m just a girl from Earth and not the Oath Forger like they claim me to be.

I really hope they don’t find out that I’m lying, I really need to go back to my sister and I can’t do that when I’m dead.

A short book for me and I didn’t mind. So good, so much fun, so great, amazing and well written. I really liked this concept of space and their lords. Strong man and a girl who needs to safe the universe. I usually don’t read much space books, only I’m happy to make an exception for this series.
I like Ava she is a strong person and I love how she reacts to everything around her, going with the flow and keeps strong, her head held high and I can respect someone like that.
The first Krek you meet in the book is so great, a manly man. And I have a weakness for strong man who knows what he wants, so hello Krek Koah.
It is a fun read and the first three books come out shortly after each other so that makes it easier to read them, you don’t have to wait to long for the next book.
If you like space, strong man and a strong willed girl read these books. They are great and they sucked me in, I was in their world for the duration of the book and I loved it.

Get your copy here.

Have a nice read,



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