Inseparable, Rise of the Iliri

InseparableInseparable, Rise of the Iliri book four by Auryn Hadley.

Sal got back from Anglia, she gets home to a cell and a trail. The representatives of the CFC are planning to disband the Black Blades because they did a good job. She did what the CFC asked off her. She got a king on the throne of Anglia, one that loves the Iliri, played by the rules, okay “Blaec rules”.  And now the king of Anglia has decided that he needs to safe Salryc Luxx and the Black Blades and help her make the world better not only for Iliri also for humans. Only the CFC doesn’t get it, they see her pale skin and see her ears on top of her head, seeing something different and that scares them. Not wanting the Iliri to be the superior race, not wanting the Black blades to be better than humans they separate them.

Sal her trail goes without too much problems, she gets to be free and the Black Blades are disbanded. If you call that with not too much problems. They place all of the pack members in different groups, hoping to tame the Iliri. Placing Sal in Azure Silence, the worst Elite group in the CFC and the group who hate the Iliri the most. Something that gives her a lot of problems, luckily Zep is around and has her back. The CFC doesn’t know that this separation only makes them stronger, their family bond tighter and gives them a good view of how all the elites run.

When Sal was in Anglia, she arranged that Viraenova would come down and talk about an alliance with the CFC and Anglia. When they find out that Viraenova is on its way, Sal get herself placed to be their ambassador alongside with Reko another Pure Iliri, male in his case. Making sure that Viraenova gets greeted correctly. From there on the negotiations starts, CFC being difficult and Anglia and Viraenova are playing a bigger game then only freeing the Iliri.
Sal will have to survive a few obstacles, some problems and the hate that the CFC has for her kind and when she does that she will succeed.

I can tell you more about the book, only it will mean that you don’t have to read the book anymore.
So I leave it with this, it is so well written. I love Salryc, how she goes through all this and still thinks of others, knowing that she needs to save them and willing to sacrifice herself when it comes to that.
I read these book for the second time and it was still amazing, love the other characters, Dom, Ilija and the Verdant shields  It is so great to see how she overcomes her trail, how she works on keeping the Black Blades together even when they are apart. And how she manage to gain the upper hand over the CFC. Of course Viraenova and Anglia help her with that.
It is good to see that Salryc grows in the books, that she gets closer with her family and that her love for them grows.

I can’t wait for the eight part of the series, and wish it could go on and on. I love this wold and kind of wished I lived in it as well and then be an Iliri, strong, proud of what I am and not wanting to give up. It matters.

Get here the fourth part.

Have a nice read,



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