Lucifers Daughter, Princess of Hell

Lucifers daughterLucifers Daughter, Princess of Hell book one written by Eve Langlais.

Lucifer has a daughter,  named Satana Muriel Baphomet.
Only one thing, she is a virgin, and her dad being the god of all sins doesn’t like it.
She wants to stay that way for the right guy, finding true love. Something that irritates her dad even more. She is the princess of Hell, not some good girl from heaven, he thinks she needs to live in sin more.

Muriel lives on earth and has her own bar where all the supernatural of the world go too to get a break in their daily live. She has a power, everything around her is a neutral zone, meaning that most magic won’t work around her.

Now there is only one thing she needs, finding her true love to share her virginity with. And luck is by her side, she walks into him. Not knowing who he is, she goes to her work to find that a few hours later the same man walks into her bar. Looking for her, not knowing who she is he start asking all these questions about the owner of the bar. Not knowing that he is talking to her, she leads him on, getting some fun. She leads him on and goes back to work.

While walking home she finds a hell-hound and plans on bringing it home, only to be “rescued” by the handsome stranger. She is used to the dangers on the street and he doesn’t want to believe it.
She can handle herself, all the assassination attempts and demons who hope to get something from her dad through her, are nothing to her. She is the Princess from Hell.

While he is being all manly and hot, her panties agree with that statement, she doesn’t want to be treated like some damsel in distress and tells him to back off. He does for a while, not really, he keeps coming back and her heart keeps begging for him to stay.

Now there is one thing that doesn’t help the situation either. There is a rebellion going on in hell, a fight that needs to be fought. How is she going to do this with her heart in turmoil.

I really liked this book, it is a fun read and Muriel is a great character. She knows how badass she is and she doesn’t back down from a fight. Making it a little difficult for her when someone wants to be the protector. Which is kind of fun, making the struggle between them nice. And the fact that there is something special about the man makes it even better. I didn’t saw that one coming and was a nice twist in the story.
It is well written and a great quick read, something different for once then the typical, I didn’t know that I was a kick ass lady who can fight for herself kind of stories.
The man in the stories interesting and I really liked that Lucifer is her dad, he is so much fun!

Get you copy here.

Have a nice read,



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