Defiance, Rise of the Iliri

InstinctualDefiance, Rise of the Iliri book three by Auryn Hadley,

The parliament isn’t happy about the Black Blades being all Iliri and they want them out of the way. They tried that in the last book already and didn’t really succeed. Now they are sending Cyno and Sal away towards Anglia, to get an alliance with the country. To place a king of their likings on the throne, only there is one thing, the orders aren’t specific in who needs to be in the throne. So Cyno and Sal decided that a bastard born son who likes the Iliri, even when he never seen one, is the best choice for them all.
So they are on their way, making sure that this alliance will happen and be a benefit to the CFC and the Iliri.

On their road towards the capital of Anglia they struggle with their feelings for each other and Sal doesn’t know what she needs to do with Cyno. They are separated from their pack and that means separated from their link. They can’t get in each other’s heads and so they miss things.
When it looks like they are going to have a massive fight, they find blood in the snow, following the trail which leads them towards an wounded animal.
Helping this animal, Sal walks up towards it. Only to find out that this animal is more similar to her than any other being on the planet. They find out where they came from, their true nature.


They save the Grauor wolf and go back towards the road again to finish their mission. Only they find out that they are being followed by two of the Graour wolfs and that is when their pack grows, allowing the Graour to travel and live with them, giving them also the link back and giving them a bigger family.

There is only one problem in this all, they need to find a way to get on the good side of the new king. And that is difficult, because Salryc may be an Iliri she is a women too. Only man can be soldiers or hold a position of power, women are property in Anglia. Until Salryc came by.

Will she succeed, will she get the alliance she needs to safe the CFC and her people.

I really loved this book, the fact that it is more about Cyno and Salryc. I like Cyno and he is a dream guy to me. The fact that they find their ancestors is so cool. And that they help Sal and Cyno to love each other more is also great, I like how this all went. How the book was written, the way Sal changes so much and still she stays herself, not pretending to be something more.
It gives me the idea that we don’t have to pretend to be something, because you are who you are and that needs to be enough.

The fact that you see Salryc grow and that Cyno grows with her is great. I can only say that I really liked this book, the writer does a really good job of keeping the story interesting, it keeps you captured. I can read these books over and over and never get bored by them.
The writing is good, the build up of the story is amazing, the scene she describes and the fighting scenes are so good, it bring everything to live.

Get your copy here.

Have a nice read,


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