Dawn of Eternal Day

Dawn of Eternal Day (The Zodiac Curse: Harem of Light Book 1) by [Crawford, C.N.]Dawn of Eternal Day by C.N. Crawford is the second in the Zodiac Curse series.  This series is unique in the fact that the different books have been written by different authors.  The first Eve of Eternal Night (read my review here) was written by Amber Lynn Natusch while the newest release is by C.N. Crawford. These books do not have to be read in an order as they happen about the same time to different people. Dawn is down on her luck.  A former star of school with a 4.2 GPA and captain of the cheer team, her life as a rich popular girl changed when her mom woke up one day seeing shadow angels and thinking that the devil was out to get her.  She spent all of their money and due to this Dawn has been forced to take low paying job after low paying job.  But in all of that she has had her best friend Holly who has always been there for her. And much to Holly’s unhappiness, Dawn has her boyfriend Luke.

But when Luke takes controlling Dawn a little too far and actually hurts her, Dawn finally takes Holly’s advise and tries to leave the relationship. When she gets to work, her mom contacts her to the point that Dawn is forced to send her to the hospital as she is putting herself in danger. Holly agrees to have Dawn move in with her after her trip to the hospital, but when Dawn gets to Holly’s apartment she isn’t anywhere to be found and in fact something else is there.  Dawn flees the apartment and runs into her sexy neighbor that she enjoys watching.  He realizes that something is wrong and unwillingly (for the most part) agrees to help Dawn.  But he can’t help alone and calls in reinforcements.

Can Dawn save Holly and figure out what is happening to herself or is she going made like her mom.  Who are the three guys that have come into her life?

As always C.N. Crawford doesn’t disappoint.  While this one is written similar to Eve of Eternal Night, it is obvious that a different author has worked on this.  This is a slow burn reverse harem that at the most has kissing and some light petting, but all for a purpose.  Poor Dawn has just had crap after crap dumped on her, but she doesn’t give up and is really great at taking everything that happens to her in stride. Each of the guys introduced are interesting and more complex as they are introduced. This is written from Dawn’s point of view, so the reader understands Dawn’s feelings throughout. The characters have clear concise voices that only add to the story.  I am interested to see where this story and Eve’s connect.


Check out Dawn of Eternal Day here

Check out Eve of Eternal Night here and read my review here.


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