Vested Interest: The Code

Vested Interest: A Reverse Harem Romance (The Code Book 1) by [Jadin, Bethany]Vested Interest: The Code Book 1 by Bethany Jadin makes being geeky sexy.  Emma is a programmer developing a special code, but she is very protective of it.  She experienced the theft of her design by her ex-boyfriend and is worried that something similar could happen.  Emma is invited to the Selsford Institute Technology of Tomorrow Gala. This is the biggest thing that could happen for Emma as it can further her career.  Getting to meet all different companies that would be interested in her program.

Five guys from one of the largest tech companies also plan to be at the Gala and have their sights set on Emma. The group,  are popular in the tech field with all five of them working close together.  They decided to actively pursue Emma and her code.  They convince her to sit with them and learn about her and her code. Each of the five guys is handsome with unique backgrounds. While the five are looking to recruit her, BHC, the company that her ex-boyfriend now works for with her code is also interested. Though her ex is pretty slimy.

The guys want Emma to finish her code and if she wants to sale to them then even better.  They give her an apartment and funds to finish her code and start to develop feelings for her among the 5 guys.  Will Emma solve the issue that has been plaguing her or will it continue to hold her up.

This is a great read, putting a woman as the techie that people are interested in and she doesn’t need guys to tell her what to do. Emma is a fun character that is willing to stand up for herself.  I like how she is written.  The guys all seem pretty great and I like how this is moving as a reverse harem. Each of the different personalities adds to the depths of the characters and the actions that they all take.  I am looking forward to read the next book.  I always enjoy reading chapters that are separated by different characters because I like the multi-voice in the story.


Check out Vest Interest Here

Once done check out Hidden Agenda here.


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