Renegade Hunter

Renegade Hunter: A Reverse Harem Romance (Mates of the Realms: Mortals Book 1) by [Andersen, Lacey Carter]Renegade Hunter by Lacey Carter Andersen is the combining of three of her shorter stories, all related, into one book. Sharen just went through a nasty divorce where her sleazy husband has run off with her sister. But that doesn’t mean that she can stop working.  Sharen is a demon hunter and her job is to teach new demon hunters the ropes. But she is now considered too old to do most of the work. After the age of 21, adults are more susceptible to demons taking them over and making them do their bidding so the teachers are required to stay back while the students work.

When crossing into the demon worlds, the hunters can have nothing of theirs that is personal. So no jewelry or even clothes.  Demons can take those items and use them to come to our world. Even with her marriage over, Sharen still wears her wedding ring.  But like everyone else she leaves it with the rest of her personal belongings to cross over.

On her team’s mission the group stumbles upon a line demon, but not everything is as it seems. Out of nowhere an army of over 100 demons and 3 level 10 demons appear wanting to take Sharen hostage.  Her team manages to escape, but when Sharen goes back for her ring it is mysteriously missing from her cubby. She writes it off and goes home.

Once asleep, Sharen has the most vivid dream about the three level 10 demons pleasuring her beyond her wildest dreams.  But is what happened to her really a dream or it is more.  Alec, Kade, and Ryder force Sharen to look at everything she ever thought about demons and about the organization that she works for.


I read the books in their single formats, and I won’t lie I liked reading it completed much better.  I didn’t have to start and stop for the series.  The guys, cause they are so much more than demons, are a great team and read so well.  I like that they are a unit and are happy to be with Sharen and have genuine love for her. Each character has depth that can get lost on shorter novels, but not here. Lacey writes beautifully and I like her character development. I am interested in what happens next as I felt like I might have missed something. But I know that this isn’t the last in this series.


Check out Renegade Hunter here.


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