Phoenixcry: A Reverse Harem Romance (The Rogue Witch Book 1) by [Strange, KT]The new release from K.T. Strange, Phoenixcry is the first in the Rouge Witch Reverse Harem Series. Darcy tries really hard to appear like any human, but she has a secret that no one can know, well accept for her best friend Max. Darcy was what she considered a really poor lightning witch and fled from her family after a falling out.  Her family is well to do in the witch world and Darcy had been at their mercy.  But at 19 three years before she fled and enrolled herself in mundane college.  She had always enjoyed music but didn’t want to play for the rest of her life, so instead she majored in music management.  And the time for her internship for her senior year is here. Picked by XOhX label, Darcy is landing her dream future.  Though that all comes to a grinding halt when the band she is suppose to be managing walks in to meet her.  They might be the five hottest guys she has ever seen, but that doesn’t stop them from being werewolves, the sworn enemies of witches for hundreds of years. But Willa, Darcy’s boss can’t know the real reason she doesn’t want to work with the band.

But after the chance for a big break and the band to go on tour, Darcy relents and agrees to be their manager, even with all of the sexual tension. Can she stay safe from the reason the guys were asked to come on tour? And can she handle 5 werewolves whose music ties her into knots? Check out the music of Phoenixcry.

I really liked this read.  It was well written and the characters are developed even without doing too deep into their backstory, I figure that will come with time. Each of the guys are well planned and thought out, even when their actions are dumb. While this is a reverse harem, it is more of a slow burn in the sex department.  She does know all of her potential hook ups, but doesn’t get to them all. Ace might be my favorite character.  As the baby he is so well written, while the other guys and their superior age are quite obvious.  I won’t lie I have a few questions, like how long is a witches life span and what started the war between the two races initially.  I would love to know some of those answers, but that’s more my mind wanting more.  Check out this new series.


Grab Phoenixcry here.


One thought on “Phoenixcry

  1. I just wanted to thank you personally for this review. I so appreciate the time you took to write it, and it means the world to me. I’m glad you enjoyed the book! I’m half-way through book 2, and I hope you love it just as much!

    Thanks again,



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