The Wife Lottery

The Wife Lottery: Fallon (Six Men of Alaska Book 1) by [Hart, Charlie, Seabrook, Chantel]A new release from Charlie Hart and Chantel Seabrook, The Wife Lottery: Fallon takes place in a not so pleasant future. Female birth rates have declined and now women are considered and treated more like property than as people. In the lower 48, women are kept under strict watch in schools where they are trained to become perfect wives and tested for breeding abilities. But in Alaska it is supposed to be different. Women flee from all over to escape being sold like cattle to men to have some kind of freedom where they can be cherished.  The only catch, when a woman decides to come she joins the lottery where she is raffled to be the wife of six different men.  Each man has to front large amounts of money to join the lottery with the chance that he will be picked to share a wife and hopefully children with a woman.  Seems crazy, but the amount of men to women in the world has become 10 to 1, while in Alaska it is only 6 to 1, hence the six husbands that can protect and defend their one wife. Tia like many other women before her has fled to Alaska to escape her glided cage back in Seattle.  

But unlike some women she was lucky.  Her father was rich and allowed her to study in the science fields.  Though her new husbands don’t know her real name or her past, Tia tries to do the best she can.  Each of the six men are quite different.  Fallon is the self proclaimed leader and is a bush pilot, having actually meet Tia before.  Emerson works on the government ships, Giles is in military law enforcement, Huxley owns a shop in town and is involved in the black market, Banks works in the labs trying to find a way to reverse the birth rates, and Salinger works for his father the mayor of the town. Can six totally different men come together to protect one woman, or will their personalities clash to much for them to all have a life together?


While this is a reverse harem novel, it isn’t your typical. The idea that women are controlled and thought of property never sits well with me, but the idea of the safe haven for women who can escape is always a nice thing.  While this is written from multiple perspectives, it is only from two points of view even though there are seven people in the marriage. Written only from Tia and Fallon’s point of view it added an interesting element to the story as the reader doesn’t get to know what the other guys in the marriage are feeling. Tia seems strong and is very intelligent, but she has a fear that the worst is always going to happen to her.  She puts herself in bad situations not understanding that women are a commodity.  And it seems from her previous life she should know that better than most.  I feel like she has so much chance for growth even with her stupid choices she keeps making in the book.  Fallon is a dominating man, just not in the bedroom.  Banks will be a great read once he gets to have his way. This has been a fun quick read.  I look forward to know whose point of view the next book will be from.


Check out The Wife Lottery here.


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