The Viper’s Nest

The Viper's Nest (Kit Davenport Book 4) by [James, Tate]The fourth installment in the Kit Davenport series is here. The Vipers Nest finds Kit swamped by nightmares of what happened at Mr. Grays hands.  Even though he is dead, it seems that he can still haunt Kits dreams. But with a littler helpnfrom Wes, the nightmares are manageable. The group is on the move yet again.  Leaving their latest safe house and taking Lucy and Elena to Toronto. The seven move onto a house owned by Vali off the grid.

Kit still hasn’t been able to work through her first bonding with Austin and the two start to butt heads even more. Austin’s familiar is the only thing that Kit likes about Austin right now. But learning to be an Ink Mage is vital and Austin is the only one that can teach her.

Caleb is still disappearing and under the NDA to not tell Kit or any of guys about Bridget being his teacher.

Vali and cole are working through their issues and Vali is holding steadfast to not starting anything with Kit until he is in a better place with Cole.

Will Kit bond with any of the other guys or will be be forced to feel Austin in her head for the rest of their immortal lives? Will River finally agree to being healed?  Can Caleb master is blood magic?


Why is this series so good.  Work keeps getting in the way of my reading and that’s not fair.  So many interesting things happened in this book and man the heat was great.  I love seeing Wes come out of his shell and becoming a more sexual person with Kit. And still Austin might be my favorite. I wish that River was in it a little more, but got damn his scene with Kit worth rereading totally.  As always the writing is amazing and Tate has a way of transporting the reader in her world. As with the previous books, the reader gets to peak into certain characters heads so we know what everyone is feeling and experiencing.  I can’t wait for the next next book in this series especially after the ending that we were left with.  Why do you do this to me Tate?


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