Rough Diamonds

Rough Diamonds by [Barker, Ashe]Rough Diamonds by Ashe Barker is a fun story with a bit of a kink. Christa owns a small flower shop in the English countryside town of Carnforth. She has created her business from the ground up and though often has to live paycheck to paycheck to keep going, she doesn’t mind the work. But one afternoon a handsome stranger wanders into her shop looking for something other than flowers.  He is looking for diamonds that he believes to be in Christa hands.  When Christa knows nothing about any diamonds, Johan Klaas a Diamantaire from Antwerp, Belgium, gives her his card and his information so that way if the diamonds do show she can contact him. Later in the day another man stops by and delivers a package to her.  In this package are over twenty uncut diamonds with no information as to where they came from.  All that is with them is a cryptic note: For services rendered. More rough diamonds for you.  See what you can make of these. Christa is shocked but gets back in contact with Johan to find out more information about the diamonds now in her ownership. Johan offers to find out who sent them, but also offers to buy the diamonds from her. They plan a dinner together that turns to a more intimate setting beginning not only a partnership between the two but a growing relationship. To learn more about the diamonds, Christa accompies Johan back to his home where she joins him in some of his more interesting sexual appetites. Johan is into BDSM and with Christa he has found someone that is willing to try. He isn’t an overly forceful dom and Christa isn’t the typical sub making the sexy scenes more enoyable.  Can Christa figure out where the diamonds are from? And is her relationship with Johan just about the diamonds or is it more?

This was a good read.  I enjoy some of the BDSM books, but when it gets over the top I start to lose interest.  This was good in the sense that it wasn’t about controlling Christa’s whole life, just having her in the bedroom, so to say.  The writing is from Christa’s point of view and follows how she experiences not only receiving the diamonds, but becoming more intimate with Johan. He is never forceful and seems to be a well written character in his actions and his wants.  I like that he wants to be with Christa in some way even if she isn’t into his kinks. The sex scenes are well written and add to the characters feelings for each other.


Check out Rough Diamonds here.


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