Protect, Book 1 in the Guardians Series by K.K. Tynan.  Rose is a librarian at a specialty library called the TOMBS (Treasury of Magical Bestial Studies. She was excited to get to join to further her own research of studying lost cities, though her first priority was to the benefactors of the library. While on her way out, two creatures attacked her forcing her into shift.  But not a normal shift. Rose turned into a small auburn mouse where she was then saved by Keyne a man tasked with protecting her. She is brought with him to his organization and helped to turn back human with the aid of Mags, an associate. Once she is back to her human form, Rose starts to question what is going on with her. She learns that Keyne along with Gris, another guardian, are going to protect her and find out why she was attacked in the first place.

The three set off on an adventure to discover if the Lost City of Moberley in Missouri and to find out the secrets of a secret society that no one thought really existed.

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Den of Thieves

Den of Thieves: a Reverse Harem Fantasy (The Legend of Tariel Book 2) by [Walt, Jasmine]Den of Thieves, Book 2 in the Legend of Tariel by Jasmine Walt. Riann has been taken by bandits and the group doesn’t know where he is. The three remaining begin to track Riann through Tariel’s connection to him from their shared bond. Riann is being taken back to the bandits and has his first meet of Wellion the son of the leader of the bandits. Riann is given two options, to either become one of them or die.  But with this decision, Wellion’s sister has decided that she wants Riann for herself even after Riann rebukes her on multiple occasions.

Tariel, Yarim and Calrain begin the journey of finding the bandits and rescuing Riann.  Along the way Tariel learns more about her abilities and her magic. Still fearful of the witch hunter Sir Jerrold the group has to stay on alert from more issues. The group works hard to all come back together.

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Hidden Agenda

Hidden Agenda: A Reverse Harem Romance (The Code Book 2) by [Jadin, Bethany]Hidden Agenda, Book 2 in the Code Series by Bethany Jadin finds Emma with even more troubles. She still hasn’t finished her code yet but companies are still trying to convince her to sale.  More things begin to happen to not just Emma, but her bestie Zoey and her parents. She keeps feeling at odds with what is happening with her relationship between all five of the guys and her want to conduct business with her.  Emma starts to get closer with each of the guys to the point of intimacy, and then worries when she decides that she wants to be with all of the members of Pentabyte. Even after learning about of their pasts that she hadn’t expected.

Emma is being pursued by more than just Pentabytes. Now BHC wants her to sell their code to her but unlike Pentabytes who wants to include her and is happy to answer any question that she might have, BHC wants to disclude her and essentially take her name off of her own program.  While Emma hasn’t decided who to sale too, she is faced with the issues of her code interfering with her personal and professional life Can she figure out who is behind the break ins and who stole from her bank account originally?

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Twisted Prophecies: The Gifted

Book 4 in the Alternative Futures, Twisted Prophecies: The Gifted by Averi Hope and Lacy Carter Andersen. While like the one before this does not occur in the same future, but a different one that still involves earth and humans as its focal point. Twenty years ago an alien space ship crash landed on earth sending out a virus that infected certain people driving many of them to death. Kaci has no choice but to drive everyone away in order to keep order in her home to allow the virus in her head to have some control. The government has issued a draft for women around the world that will be required to fight the incoming alien invasion.  Women are selected if they can pass a test.  When the military comes for Kaci’s sister, she tells them to take her instead as her sister already had served the government and lost her leg in that war. Kaci passes the test and gets to go into training to be come pilot in the upcoming conflict.

Seer is on a ship in space heading towards the a planet where he is tasked with finding brides for the other men of his race.  Years before a virus killed off most of the women and now the species requires women from similar species in order to procreate. Seer is unable to shift so that makes him a Tier Two and uneligible for a mate of his own.  But Seer has the ability to see the future and in that future he sees a beautiful woman with bright blue eyes that he knows is meant to be his mate.

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Mia’s Men

Mia's Men: A Reverse Harem Romance Novel (The Heiress's Harem Book 1) by [Felthouse, Lucy]Mia’s Men the first in the Heiress’s Harem by Lucy Felthouse is a modern spin on the reverse harem style. Mia’s father has just passed and she is having a difficult time dealing with not only his passing but the stipulations that six months previous he had put into his will. Her father decided that she needed to marry someone of her social standing within 12 months to inherit her father’s fortune and his estate. Mia isn’t happy about the new will but doesn’t want it to go to her cousin that would squander everything.  So Mia sets out to find the right kind of husband, though is slightly side tracked by the gardener at her family estate. Tom is attractive and sweet and a shoulder for Mia to cry on, but he doesn’t meet her father’s requirements.

In honor of her father, Mia attends a charity auction to raise money to help those with cancer.  At the gala she meets best friends, Elias and Alex, that both show an interest in her. The two aren’t opposed to sharing her.  While at the auction, Mia finds out that an item on her bucket list is available and Elias decided that he should win it for her.  Though Mia feels unsure about taking it, she relents to Elias and agrees to go on a trip of her dreams.

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Polar Fates

Polar Fates: A Reverse Harem Novel (The Drowning Book 2) by [MacKinnon, Skye]Book two, Polar Fates, in the Drowning Series by Skye MacKinnon continues the story of Isla and her four sexy bear shifters. Isla has bonded with Torben and can now feel his presence more. She is waiting to bond with the other three, but hasn’t found the time since their group session. Traders come to the island with trade for the batteries that the two older bears found on the island before the drowning. In the items is a group of books, with one very special book. The story of the three bears that holds the actual history of the bear shifters. Finally the group can learn more about their history and not just from what Alis remembers before she died and became a spirit. In the book, the group finds at the end that there is someone that wants to meet them and the reason for no cubs being born. The fates have interacted for a specific reason and now need their help to fix the issues.  And what an issue it is, the reasons are justifiably, though tough on all bear shifters.

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The Wife Protectors: Giles

The Wife Protectors: Giles (Six Men of Alaska Book 2) by [Hart, Charlie, Seabrook, Chantel]The Wife Protectors: Giles in the Six Men of Alaska series by Charlie Hart and Chantel Seabrook follow the continued story of Tia and her six husbands. Tia ran away when she thought that her past was going to catch up to her and take her away from her husbands. But running was the stupidest thing that Tia could do.  She doesn’t know where she really is or even where to go to escape her past. But while fleeing a truck with three unknown men stop and try to take Tia for themselves.  The men attack Tia and at gun point force her into their truck. Not long ago stories of women being stolen and raped and murdered in Alaska is brought right back to the front of Tia’s mind.  Wanting to survive even though she made a bad choice, Tia decided to look for another way to escape. As the truck starts to head out, the three kidnappers are stopped by Giles.  The guys have been out looking for Tia as they don’t understand why she would leave them. Giles confronts the men and when his life is put in danger, Tia responds by shooting one of the three kidnappers, killing him.

Alaska with their new laws has taken all rights away from women making them hostages to their husbands. And that goes double for mercenaries that are hired by the government. With Tia having killed the man and the other two fleeing, her life is now in even more danger, but she just doesn’t realize it yet.

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