Stolen Soul

Stolen Soul (Yliaster Crystal Book 1) by [Rivers, Alex]The first release, Stolen Soul, in the new series by Alex Rivers is an intense read. Often an co-writer with C.N. Crawford, Alex doesn’t disappoint. Want the best high of your life, then look no farther than your neighborhood alchemist. Distilled children’s dreams or even nightmares, to potions to hear better are all things that Lou Vitalis is capable of.  After living on the street and working for a gang lord, Lou was shorting her life out until an accident six months prior forced her to take out a loan that she couldn’t pay back.  But “Breadknife” the criminal lord as a way for her to get out of debt.  He needs Lou to steal a crystal that is rumored to be only a myth.   But the catch: she has to steal it from a safe in the heart of a dragons horde.

Lou looks to bring in her two best friends that also grew up not only on the streets with her, but who also have magic or know about magic like she does. Isabella is a psychic and Sinead has natural persuasion skills. But for this break in it isn’t enough.  Lou’s team needs a magic hacker and a sorcerer for all things magic related. And a good sorcerer just happens to be in Boston, looking for answers of his own.

Kane Underwood has so many secrets, it seems they are burying him.  His story was revealed in the short story that came out before, but suffice to say he made a bad choice and is now looking for what ever means to right it. Kane agrees to work with Lou and her team out of curiosity and to learn more about Lou, a woman with as many secrets as himself.

All that’s left is to find the hacker and try to get him on board. What is so important about the Crystal and can Lou and her crew be the first team to ever steal from a dragon?


I have really enjoyed the books that Alex has co-wrote on so it was great to read his newest book.  I liked the depth of the characters and their convictions. The life of no one is this book is easy and everyone has had it rather rough. Lou while having grown up rough and tumbled kept trying to make the best of the bad hand she had been dealt, but sometimes that isn’t enough.  I liked the way each of the characters where written and how they spoke and held themselves.  It was like overhearing a conversation more so than being on the outs.  The description into the dragon was an interesting twist.  I am interested in what happens next with everything that the reader learns in this book.


Check out Stolen Soul here.


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