Gifted Connections Book 1

Gifted Connections: Book 1 by [Olivier, SM]Gifted Connections by S.M. Olivier has so much potential that falls flat from something super fixable. But a little on the story. Blake lives a life of hell. She has to not only work, but raise her sister since her deadbeat mom can’t do anything besides be drunk and high and bring home sleazy men that think it is acceptable to touch children. As a child after the death of her father, she began being able to talk to a boy in her head, but never knew if he was really real at first or just her way of coping with her father’s death. As time goes on she realizes that he is out there someplace.  He became her only friend and true confidant.

But at 17, her life is a wreck, but she tries to hide it as best she can, never wanting to draw attention to herself. The one thing that is her light is her music.  Blake is gifted and music is her real voice.  When her home life gets to really bad, a teacher, Jace, intervenes. Blakes learns that there is more to her, though in a way she has always know.  She can tell people what to do and they will listen to her without fail. A handy skill to have when you have to fight off your moms boyfriends.

Blake gets that chance to take her sister and leave going to a school for people that are gifted just like her. In her new life she learns that many people are connected with a nucleus at the core surrounded by 2 at most 3 others in their life. But Blake is different, she learns that she has 6 connections, a number unheard of in their society.

But as Blake learns more about her past, it starts to come for her in the worst way possible. Can she be with the 6 guys she is suppose to and build her connections or will one ruin it for all of them, wiping out everyone’s gifts?


This book had so much potential, and I can say I read it about two months at least after it came out.  My main issue is that there are so many errors in this book that it was a start and stop read for me.  I love the story and the concept and the characters, but it was really hard to get past sentences that just end and lots of grammatical errors. I’m hoping that the author plans to do an update, and in fact I offer my services to edit this book. It would have made me want to read it in one sitting if it had just gone through basic editing. I know somewhere under all of the issues is this amazing book that I really did enjoy reading. The main character has a lot of potential and has the ability to do and act well, after all of her trauma she takes things very well, even being intimate with some of the guys. As a reverse harem it works, especially with the backstory of most people in the gifted community being multi-paired. The guys are all interesting and Jace and Jax play well off each other and the relationship build between the guys works well since they all knew that they would be sharing a nucleus for numerous years.  I just hope that the author realizes that this book needs to be edited first before the release of book 2, or not many people will want to read it. I know I am interested in what happened, especially after the ending, I just hope that it can be a clearer read.


Check out Gifted Connections Book 1 here.


Pre-Order Gifted Connections Book 2 here.


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