Their Memoriam

Their Memoriam: A Reverse Harem Romance (Utopia Inc Book 1) by [Michaels, Jazz]Their Memoriam a Utopia Inc book by Jazz Michaels is meant to mess with your head. Science has destroyed the world, well according to those who use religion as their pulpit. A plague descended on the earth about 35/40 years ago.  More than half the world died and the results left the world in a dangerous state. Science isn’t trusted anymore and blamed for everything. But that doesn’t stop people from searching for a cure and a way to fix the world.  Dr. Valda Bashan has know strife her whole life.  Her mother is accused of creating the plague and ending the world as we know it even though she still went to study science with her mother and father. On September 13, 2065, Valda awoke in a lifepod meant to protect her from aging and other complications. When she finally becomes cognitive enough she learns that she is the Lead Researcher in Biosphere One, but has no idea how she got here. She realizes that 5 years of her life are missing.  After her first twenty four hours she then has to help the others on her team to wake up. Four others are asleep in lifepods similar to hers and she has to help them wake up.  First is Andreas, a shrink for the team. Next is Hatch, a pilot, reasons unknown why he is there.  Then a medical doctor Oz.  And lastly a security captain Dirk. Valda questions the team but doesn’t even know why she is there.  After helping each of the men to wake and start living, Valda retreats to her lab to start studying why she might be there.

The Biosphere has everything that they could need from a garden with fruits and trees to an ocean and rolling hills. It has complete labs for research and a kitchen and den for relaxation. Valda is weary of being with the guys and instead focuses on her scientific research attempting to find a cure for the lower birth rates and fixing the lasting effects of the plague.

Each of the guys has an interest in Valda. Dirk seems to be the leader of the group and tells Valda that his job is her personal safety.  She feels like there is more to it than that, but can’t quite figure out what is going on.

Can the five of them figure out why they are in Biosphere 1 and what their objective is?  Or will they be stuck there forever or until the food runs out. Can Valda be more than just her research or will it consume her before it’s too late.


This book was a crazy read.  So much has happened to Valda and so much more is happening to her while in Biosphere One.  What has happened in the past is intense and rather scary with everything that has happened in the previous 30 years. The guys are all so different but at the same time move into a relationship that Valda doesn’t understand.  The science that is involved in this book is well thought out and has insane consequences.. Valda, while not the most forthcoming main character starts to grow in who she is and what she wants once she leaves the lab. Dirk is so intense and I like who he is. Huxley and Oz aren’t too shabby themselves.  But after learning more about Andreas I’m still not too sure I like him. He is rather a self righteous dick. This book leaves you with a total book hanger over because after what happens in the end I know I wanted to know more.


Check out the first book here.


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