All for 1

All For 1 by [Stunich, C.M.]The newest series by C.M. Stunich, All for 1 brings the mystery of this shorter story of sex trafficking and hidden identities. Three years prior, 1 (his whole name, its even tattooed on his arm) finds Cyrah on the streets where he shares a quickie with, but after all of those years he hasn’t ever been able to get her out of his head. Cyrah, known as Rebecca in her former life, helps families and loved ones locate women that have gone missing. She knows it isn’t a safe job and in the last three years it had moved her multiple times, but she plans to help those that have been affected by sex trafficking be saved, or at least found out about. She lives in Portland, Oregon and searches for all of the lost women.  Which more in the last six weeks have gone missing. On one of her searches she runs into 1 again after not having seen him since he left her three years before.  But she never forgot him, and he certainly never forgot her, still having feelings all those years later. 1 can’t ever get her out of his mind and in his life he is supposed to be emotionless and not ever care about anything except doing his job.  How can the two of them come together again after all this time? What has Cyrah gotten herself into looking into the disappearance of so many women?

While this was a short book, it was a fun quick read.  And since I know this is in a series I can look forward to more that is happening between 1 and Cyrah. The writing is broken up between chapters by the two main characters. There aren’t lots of extra characters in this book and that makes the relationship between the two so much better. Cyrah is a badass in her own right and has gone through more shit than any person should ever have to.  She isn’t afraid to kick ass and it is a skill that is commendable, especially after learning about her past towards the end of the book, (I won’t say as I don’t want to give it away). C.M. has written another great book.  I totally recommend checking it out.  


Grab All for 1 here.


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