Sacrifice: A Reverse Harem Dragon Fantasy (Drakoryan Brides Book 1) by [Sinclair, Ava]Sacrifice by Ava Sinclair is a spin on the typical dragon shifter story. Lyla lives in a small village where fear of dragons is all that they know. Every certain number of years, one woman is sacrificed to the dragons in order for the rest of the village to survive. Lyla has been picked to be the sacrifice. She must stand up to the dragon and even though she thinks she won’t survive she isn’t truly afraid. She is taken by a great green dragon, but before she knows where she is going she faints from the height and the fear.

Drorgros has earned the right to claim Lyla first before his brothers. He fought and won to take her virginity. Drorgros is the oldest of the four dragon brothers and is the de facto leader since the death of their father. He is the first to take Lyla even when she isn’t sure how she is still alive. She thinks that the dragons must work for the men and that is why she has been taken.  Not knowing that the men are the dragons. After their night together Lyla is presented before the court and passed to the next brother, Zelki, who thinks himself to be greater than he is. He fought to claim her and lost so could only do so second. After that in order the other brothers Tythos and Imryth have the right to claim. Lyla meets a woman taken by the dragons a few years before and learns how much she loves her life with her men.

Dragons in this world can only mate with human women, giving them a longer life by being with them. And all of the sons are required to be with the single female, it is how they are complete.  Though jealousy for the brothers isn’t unheard of.

All Lyla wants is to let her mother know that she is safe and alive. But then she always has a desire to see the dragons that her lovers seem to control.  Can Lyla get everything that she wants and more.


I liked this book. I was a great spin from the typical dragon shifter story. The brothers are pretty much assholes, but each has a little something extra to bring their mate pleasure and passion. I found that the story aside from Lyla becoming mated with the dragons to be a great read. The story is told from almost everyone’s point of view, but it seems that Imryth’s is missing.  I like being able to know what goes through different characters heads especially in a reverse harem. The dragon’s are not the nicest of people, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like them. I liked how they had to have a human bride, though they might not have the best means since they control the human population through fear.  I am looking forward to the next book in the series.


Check out Sacrifice here.

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