Their Phoenix

Their Phoenix (Daughters of Olympus Book 3) by [Hart, Charlie, James, Anastasia]The third book in the Daughters of Olympus: Their Phoenix by Charlie Hart and Anastasia James brings the next sister into play. Lark is an acrobat in Vegas with the skills to get her own show at one of the fanciest hotels on the strip. She lives with her controlling mother that is also a witch that has set rules for her life. For her new show on the strip, her casting director Mark has hired the other people that will be her crew and performing with her. But they aren’t your average men.  The five guys, North, Vaughn, Sawyer, Arrow, and Brecken are the most attractive that she has ever seen and their skills in the air are beyond what she could imagine. The guys have a small secret though. They were sent by Gaia to protect and look out for Lark.  But on top of that they are hawk shifters that only want to keep her safe in whatever form that must. Lark begins to break her mother’s rules and learns about a past she never knew.  Her whole life starts to change while she begins her training for the new show.  She and the guys begin to develop feelings for each other that could change everything.  Gaia told the guys to protect her, but never said anything about not falling in love with Lark. Can Lark overcome her past to make way for her future? Can she handle when she learns about her past and who her father is?

This was a good third book.  The stories are growing so well and I am enjoying them with every release.  Lark, while she has a lot of hang ups, most of which are not her fault, is a likeable character even when she does stupid things. The writing has grown so much.  I like that the chapters are from different character points of view and in a reverse harem story I feel like it adds so much depth to the relationship of multiple partners. The guys are each pretty cool and their athletic prowess is rather impressive. I like how they are hawk shifters, especially since we already were introduced to wolf shifters.  Hawk is so different and the backstory is a great addition to the story. Check out book 3 in this series.  I’m interested in book four now that I have an idea of who the sister is and who her father is as well.


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