Primals: Reverse Harem Paranormal Shifter Romance (Reverse Harem Series Book 1) by [Timms, Lexy]Primals by Lexy Timms, is the first of three in her new reverse harem series. The story begins with a plane crash in the Alaskan wild. Clarissa Wagner was on her way to a remote Lab when the weather turned and her plane crashed killing the other two people, but mysteriously leaving her alive.  Her last thought was asking for help from anyone that could hear her. She wakes up to find herself in an isolated cabin in the middle of a nasty snowstorm.  When she wakes she meets her rescuer, Sebastian.  While under the grim and dirty hair, Clarissa thinks that he could be attractive, she finds him more to look like a homeless man.  But what she doesn’t realize at first is that Sebastian can hear her projected thoughts, and well she can hear his.  To him this isn’t something that should be able to happen, since she is just a mere human. But after she is able to heal quickly without a scratch, Sebastian has to know who and what Clarissa is.  After he stupidly locks her in when she wants to leave, Clarissa breaks out of his house and begins trekking though a snow heading hopefully for a town.  After hours of searching she stumbles upon a seedy bar and is rescued by Theo.  Theo offers to help her get to a phone, but the only way to get there is to take his boat to Anchorage, the nearest town. Sebastian follows Clarissa and confronts she and Theo, where Clarissa learns that Sebastian is in fact a wolf shifter and Theo is a bear shifter.  This freaks Clarissa out and whole she flees, she runs into Kyle, her best friend and coworker.  But Kyle has a secret, he is in love with Clarissa, though she doesn’t realize it. More events ensue to the point that they meet Toshi a former Japanese ninja and cat shifter. Clarissa’s past is looking for her.  Can the men protect her from the past and help to form a future.  This is a totally slow burn reverse harem.

This was an interesting read.  I found the idea of the Primals and the history of their shifter society to be a good background. Each of the three shifters were intense and had enough skeletons in their closets to make them interesting, but not tragic.  I would love to learn more about Sebastian as he seems to be the most reserved of the guys.  I felt that Kyle was out of place a lot, but with the ending of this book, it does work.  Each of the chapter are written from a different characters point of view, so knowing what is going on in five different minds really adds to the story.  I have to say that Toshi is my favorite of the characters in this book even with how it ends.  He still is the realist of the characters and I look forward to what happens in book 2.


Check out Primals here.


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