Mercy’s Protectors

Mercy's Protectors (Mercy Ashby Book 1) by [Hardin, A.M.]Mercy’s Protectors a new series by A.M. Hardin is available today. Mercy isn’t what she seems especially for an 18 year old.  Ten years prior, Mercy was kidnapped and tortured by Payne and his henchman Jerome. After four years of captivity, Mercy was rescued by her father and uncle, losing her father during the escape. Mercy is different though. While raised by her human mother, she is in fact a half demon. Getting neither her mothers blue or her fathers red demon eyes, Mercy got a blend of purple. When Jerome wanders too close to where Mercy and her mother are living, Mercy has to go into protective custody with the Order, a group of other supernaturals from the five races. Demon, witch, shifter, vampire, and fae. She is given to Hunter’s team and expected to follow his orders when all she has known is her mother and uncle. Her uncle taught her how to defend and fight making sure she never is a victim again. Mercy is being hunted, but can she stay hidden or will her new protectors have to protect her every day forever? What happens when those said five protectors are the sexiest men you’ve ever seen?

This is the first A.M. Hardin book I’ve got to read and I really enjoyed it. She use to write under a pen name so I know I’ll check those out soon. The writing in this book is well thought out and moves through the story clearly.  I enjoyed that the chapters were from different characters, especially since this is a reverse harem and it gives the chance to know what each of the characters are thinking.  I like that there is a combination of different supernaturals on the team, but that not all were represented.  Each of the guys are well thought out and have great depth. And Mercy.  I really liked how kick ass she is and how she knows that the only person that can save her is herself. The ties to the demon world were a different spin and it worked well for this book.  I’m looking forward to book two.


Check out Mercy’s Protectors here.


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