Curse of Flames

A Curse of Flames  (Fae Academy Book 2) by [Shade, Sophia]

Book two by new author Sophia Shade in the Curse of Fire series leaves the reader wanting more. Imogen is returning back to Callador in the land of the Fae, but more issues are plaguing her.  While she has been gone for the three months in the world of the humans, she has had a feeling that something is wrong back at school.  Her mom keeps pressuring her into no returning, but Imogen knows that it is where she belongs. She has a small fight with her mom, but also learns something important that her father had once told her mother.  Fae don’t have visions, even though Imogen keeps having them since she walked through the door back to her mom.  The fae that do have them are called Dark Blessed and they have been killed by the other fae.

So Imogen has a secret that she has to keep to herself hiding everything from her friends.  On her first day back in her elemental class, Imogen realizes that not everyone plays fair and that some people are trying to get her. But not only that, members of the council are at Callador to investigate what had happened with Myra the year before.  They think that someone else is behind it.

Then the year starts to take a turn for the worse. A teacher is killed. In Callador’s entire existence that has never happened.  Imogen’s group of friends decide that they want to look into the death as well.  But Imogen has had a vision that implicates Erick.  Could it be true? Does there seem to be more between the two this year and how will this effect Imogen’s relationship with Caleb.


This has been a fun read.  Though it does leave me with questions.  I understand that for the 9 months that Imogen is at Callador that only three months pass, but what I don’t understand is the change to summer, that when she is in the human world for three months only one month has gone by.  I kept feeling like she should only be staying for the one month in the human world.  I would just love to understand that more.  The writing is very good and the turn that Imogen has taken has been interesting.  The fact that she feels she can’t trust her friends seems like such a huge thing.  I also like how Caleb and Erick are now playing off of each other.  It is a good dynamic that Sophia has created.


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And Pre-Order Book three here.


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