The Unlikeable Demon Hunter: Crave

Spoiler Alert: This is book four in this series, so check out Books 1-3 before you start this one.

The Unlikeable Demon Hunter: Crave (Nava Katz Book 4) by [Wilde, Deborah]I can’t praise Deborah Wilde enough.  Book 4 in the Nava Katz series The Unlikeable Demon Hunter: Crave is as good if not better than the first three.  Nava and Rohan are finally a couple.  It only took three books for it to happen but the two have finally committed to each other. Nava is the only female Rasha in the Brotherhood. After helping her brother and twin Ari gain his skills, their relationship has grown back to how they where between them.  Nava and Rohan end up when a case falls right in their laps. On a date night out, Nava runs into two ladies from high school. They both decided to take a new drug on the market called SweetTooth. But the drug for Naomi has a negative reaction and makes her go a little crazy and start hurting herself and others, while it didn’t affect Christina. Rohan and Nava take on the case trying to find the link between the demon and the drug.  Nava grows stronger in her powers and starts to learn more about herself.  Can the two of them find out who Candyman is and stop more people from going crazy.

I love this series.  I love the Jewish history that is brought in and how it is used. I feel like I learn so much in a way.  The writing is completely from Nava’s point of view and she always makes me laugh so much.  I love her personality and I like that even with all of the trouble, Nava and Rohan get to be together finally.  I wish I could be Nava, can’t lie I have a total book crush on Rohan. Drio isn’t to far behind. I wish that Kane and Ari had the chance to be in it more, mostly because their complicated relationship is such a great read.  Even when it is from Nava’s point of view. This is such a great book 4 in the series and I always hope for more from Deborah after I finish reading her latest one.  If you haven’t read the other books in this series I totally recommend picking them up from the links below.  Check out the Nava Katz series.


Pick up Book Four Crave here.

Grab Book One The Unlikeable Demon Hunter here.

Grab Book Two Sting here.

Grab Book Three Need here.


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