Forest of Lost Souls

Shifters University 2: Forest of Lost Souls by K.R. Thompson finds Logan lost in the Forest of Lost Souls and Claire is looking for a way to get him out. She knows that he was wrongly accused of the crime of the crystals and wants to come up with a way to be with him again. Logan while in the forest has been forced into his dragon form and is slowing losing his humanity. While in the forest, Victor comes to him saying that if he joins the human resistance he can leave the forest. Logan agrees just to get out.  Claire starts researching and meets the other librarian that lives under the library to get extra help. Claire’s brother is still at the university, but he starts to have issues of his own.  Can Claire and Logan reunite and help save Shifters University from the resistance.

While this story is short, it is a good read and a good second book. I like how the different chapters are from each of the main characters and it changes between.  I also liked the new character introduced, the librarian. He is funny and quirky and crazy all wrapped into one. The events in this book start to get crazy (in a goodish way) and with her brother there it adds an extra depth to the story.  I enjoyed this read.


Check out Book 2 here


Pick up Book 1 here and read my review here.


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