Claiming Their Mate

Claiming Their Mate: a Sci-Fi Alien Dark Romance (Tharan Warrior Menage Book 5) by [Dane, Kallista]Book 5 in the Tharan Warrior Menage series by Kallista Dane is a standalone, happily ever after story.  It does help to have read the previous books, but it is not a requirement.  Though I totally would say to you know what is going on.  Delta along with others from her crew where taken by pirates and sold into different forms of slavery.  Delta the previous first mate of an all female crew was sold to the leader of the planet Borvaan into his thousand plus strong harem.  She is a fighter and doesn’t want to be forced into the service of the Borvaan emperor. After having been there a while, Delta along with four other women from different planets are presented before the emperor.  At this meeting identical twins are there as diplomats to their home world of Tharan. Zandyr and Zhynn are on a secret mission to find out what the Borvaan empire is doing and also to rescue Delta, friend to their commanders wife. But whats different is that Tharan males are destined to be with only one woman, and it seems that their destined mate is Delta, whether she wants that or not.  The twins are dominating, expecting complete submission to them.  But the humans and the Tharans are different.  Can the three make their relationship work or will Delta not be able to handle it.  When rumors come the they are in trouble, Delta tries to save the twins with dire consequences.

This is a fun series.  I do recommend reading the other books prior to this so that way you know why everything is happening. There is a pretty large backstory and without reading the others, I feel that the series wont make as much sense. Delta is a very broken woman that seems like she doesn’t care what happens to her anymore, to an extent.  Her choice to escape a bad relationship and trek the universe instead of being stuck shows how brave she can be, and she is written that way. The twins don’t seem as dominating as some of the other twins in previous books, (book one and two are prime examples) but they still try to dominate Delta.  I like how the books are written with the change off between the three main characters and I like that the twins talk inside of their heads to each other and that Delta was brought in rather fast to their relationship.  This is a fun series to read and I look forward to learning who else gets rescued in future books. Be warned that their is dominance in this series and lots of spanking as well.

Check out Claiming their Mate here

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Grab Book four here.


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