Elements of Desire

Elements of Desire (Hijinks Harem Book 3) by [Stunich, C.M., James, Tate]The final book in the Hijinks Harem series is here.

Idonea & Amanda:  Finally! We get to know who the fuck Gemma is.

Elements of Desire by Tate James and C.M. Stunich is back for one more book full of sexy plumbers, lots of sex and the plumber jokes.
I: Really love the plumber jokes!

Arizona Smoke was having a great wedding until the end when a random woman shows up claiming that her new husbands are in fact supposed to be her husbands. Gemma, a women that five of the guys use to know shows up after having disappeared 10 years before.
It seems that the horrid mother in law invited her, and Gemma wants to end Ari’s relationship with her six guys though they want nothing to do with Gemma. The group goes to visit Ari’s mom in Down Under during their honeymoon and what a shock cunt MIL get on the plane along with the homewrecker Gemma Darling.
It isn’t a coincidence that Gemma is there, and she thinks the guys will want to be with her just because they have a past. Much to her chagrin the guys can’t stand her and only have love for Ari, even Dustin and his assy ways. The seven of them seem to be getting stalked by Joan and Gemma Darling, and Joan goes out of her way to treat Ari bad, like always. The guys promise Ari that they truly love her and could never love Gemma even with their past. Gemma plans something evil and hurts the link between Ari and her elementals. On top of all that, Ari learns more about her past and about the plans of the bio parents for her and her husbands.
I: And don’t forget the wine, something happens to the wine. Keep your priorities straight.

This was a great ending to the series. We both wanted to tit punch Gemma, (I: not only tit punch, know so many places that would hurt). Luckily Ari got her chance and did it for us in the book.
We both hate Gemma, don’t ask us why, because you will get a really long list. She was totally unlikeable throughout the whole thing, so good job writers!

This book is written from Ari’s point of view and her soul takes a beating in this book. But her guys love her completely and never waver from loving her even after all of the shit that happens to them.

A: I love her six guys and the sex scenes are just as good here as in the previous books. Tate and C.M describe so well I don’t have to worry about not understanding something.
I: I like them too, they give me more self-confidences, I know is stupid it is a book. Still it is  nice, they are well written. Makes me wonder what the writers wrote from their own experience and what not.

A: Getting to know the guys a little bit more is always a treat and Reg calming down was a great read (marriage apparently calmed his ass down). I don’t know that I could pick a favorite of Ari’s guys as I love them so much.

I: Oh I know which one I would choose, Dustin, I’m a totally for the Irish accent and manly way they describe him. I love him. *Giggles.* Still love them all, he is my favorite.


This was such a great read and we are totally sad that the series is over. The combination of Tate and C.M is always a great read and you can’t tell who wrote what section.
I: There was one thing I didn’t really like, and that was the end fight. Next time bigger, more and really awesome please.

Have a nice read,

Amanda & Idonea

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