Black Ops Fae

Black Ops Fae (A Spy Among the Fallen Book 2) by [Crawford, C.N. ]Book 2 in the Spy Among the Fallen Series, Black Ops Fae by C.N. Crawford picks up where book 1 left off.  Ruby’s secret has been found out and she had to act drastically. Hazel has been brought to the castle, but Johnny has learned more than he should. Adonis knows her secret and plans to do everything in his power to protect Ruby. Johnny has been dealt with, though Ruby is waiting for him to come back and tell Kratos her secret that she isn’t a succubus at all.  Kratos becomes even more obsessed with Ruby and comes close to enacting his curse and falling.  Ruby to save her secret flees wit Adonis, but under the guise that she is leaving to prevent Kratos from falling and to give Johnny time to realize that there is something wrong with himself. They plan a trip to Scotland by demon horse to Adonis’ castle.  On this two day journey, Ruby learns a bit more about Adonis’ past, including that he, Kratos, Johnny and one other are in fact the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and more about the curse that effects the other angels. Ruby gets to look into Adonis’ past and learn more about him, including meeting his closest friends that are shadow demons. Adonis keeps wanting to look upon Ruby’s true form without her glamour and see beneath her facade.  She realizes again and again that she has feelings for the Angel of Death, but justifies again and again that it is because she considers him one of the good guys. The two, plus two of Adonis’ demon friends go with the Adonis and Ruby to get the fourth and final horseman, War, on their side against Johnny.  Can it really work out with an ally in War or will being the Bringer of Light have terrible repercussions.

Another great read by C.N. Crawford.  I love this series and I love the past that is presented in this story.  Ruby is coming to terms better with the death of her lover Marcus that was murdered two years prior by the dragons and her relationship with her sister.  Ruby has so much knowledge growth is adds so much to her character.  Especially when she starts to realize that she has misjudged Adonis and even Kratos to an extent. Getting Adonis’ past was heartbreaking, but his depth and his actions are so well thought out.  I really enjoyed the read from Ruby’s point of view.  The writing between the two authors is always so clean and clear and you can never tell when one starts and the other leaves off.  As with the other books in this series I totally recommend it.


Check out book two, Black Ops Fae here.


Read Book one Covert Fae here and check out my review here.


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