Mortal Flames

Mortal Flames: The Magical (Alternative Futures Book 3) by [Hope, Averi, Andersen, Lacey Carter]

Book three in the Alternative Futures series Mortal Fire: Species The Magical by Averi Hope and Lacey Carter Andersen. This book does not have anything to do with the previous books in this series, but seems be in a more modern time as of now.  The story follows two people from the alien race the Elementias that have been forced to flee their own planet after it was dying.  They have been on a ship traveling through space towards a blue planet that they hope to eradicated the existing life and take it for themselves. The story begins with Saura as she prepares to leave the Garden of Virtue, a ship in the fleet that houses all of the females. In this species the females come into a heat that get all of the men riled up where they have to mate with the woman.  Though this race has one mate for each group.  Saura was promised to Raiden, but hasn’t seen or heard from him in over two years. Saura leaves the Garden to return to the main ship and prepare to join with Raiden, but when she arrives she learns that he isn’t on the ship and in fact has been missing for two years.  But her father has an idea as to where he is and sends Saura that to bring him home and give her the chance to mate with the man she is meant to be with.

Raiden went to Earth two years before and had his ship sabotaged where he was unable to ever leave. Though once he came to know the people from Earth, Raiden felt like he belonged there more.  But his major regret was that he would never see Saura again.  He still had strong feelings from her and had never been with any one as he wanted to be faithful to her and his love for her.

Except that it has been years since he saw her. When she walks into the bar where he works, he can’t help his attraction to her or the desire that has blossomed in him.  He doesn’t understand that his attraction is not only for the beautiful woman in front of him, but for his mate that has to be taken.

The Earth is in danger and so are Saura and Raiden.  How can they help their people and the people of Earth?

While I was at first disappointed that the story wasn’t going to pick up where the last Alternative Future left off (I really liked those characters), I did enjoy this book.  Averi and Lacey are a great combination and write really well together. I liked how Raiden and Saura interacted and how he loved the humans and Earth.  I felt like the solutions in the books were so well thought out.  The ending makes you think and it takes a small emotional toll on the reader.  But I really liked reading this and wonder if there will be more to add to this series.  I would love to see how it an be tied into the other Alternative Futures book.


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