Me, books and this blog

Hi there,

We decided that were going to write a post about the books we read, where we found them and what our favorite was. The other website name is books, life, reading. And we want to give you something more personal then only the reviews.

I’m going to talk a little about the 24 post I placed from the moment we started. This are a lot of books, to be honest I almost like all the books I read. I never start reading books I don’t like. To choose between these books is hard and I don’t really know which one is my favorite.

So I’m first going to tell you something about me and my favorite genre.
I think you guessed it already, I really love fantasy. And then the magic, fae, witches, dragons kind.
I read other books to, I have, I think, read two thrillers and that was it, still other books….
Reading these kind of books are an escape for me, getting away from my life and getting some peace in my head. I can’t read any other genre because I just can’t.

So okay, now about the books I read in the past few months. I discovered more new books trough Facebook then I ever could find on my own. So thank you Facebook and all the book communities there. I found a new genre that I like, the first book in that genre was Trickery, Curse of the gods series by Jane Washington and Jaymin Eve. And I got hooked, I love reverse harem books, it is still all fantasy so. From there I found out that there were big communities on Facebook from the writers and genres. Don’t judge me that I didn’t think to look earlier on Facebook for the groups. I’m a book zombie that is what my boyfriend calls me when I read…, don’t blame me for not knowing that there would be a whole world around the books of fellow book nerds/readers/zombies. It is the same that I always thought that every bought item in the Ikea, would magically be filled every night. Until I started to work there and found out that there are people who do that job, and I was one of them! (for a short period of time in my life). In my head it just appeared, like poof, don’t blame me for not thinking further on it, I still believe in fairies and gnomes/goblins. Please don’t laugh, they are real. I lost so many times my keys in the house and I swear I really, really left them on the closet. Only to find them somewhere else entirely.

So yeah you probably noticed I like to ramble. So back to the books. After finding out that I had more soulmates then I thought, I started to follow a few groups and found the books that are online on our blog. Now I have to say, I like this book/series more than the other. Only I can’t, I have a few I like better, like the Rise of the Iliri books, the kingmaker chronicles, the Hijinks Harem books and one or two others too. So I can’t choose now. I decided to read the Rise of the Iliri again and will be posting about those in a few weeks.

There is one other thing I wanted to tell you guys, it will be probably a few more things then just one, so hang on. Stay with me for a few more minutes.

There is one series of book I always will remember, I loved it from the first moment I read it and it will be a series I never forget. I laughed, cried and became so freaking angry with the books that it is a perfect read. And that was The White Mare by Jules Watson. I know not a real fantasy book because it is about the Celtic magic and history and the romans. Still my kind of book, I always said when I fail in everything I become a history teacher. I love the history, and then the mythical parts of the history.

So oke that is it for now, oke here the other thing. I’m back in school for my last few months before I graduate. And that means I need to work hard to finish it. So I’m going to have to read a little less than normal. So the site will be a little slower from my end then normal. Still going to try and put as many books online. If you have books you like and want us to read too. The books where you had to laugh so hard that you almost got wet pants, where you cried you eyeballs out or where you got so mad you threw the book away and then cried because you ruined the book. Tell me here and I’m going to read it too. And let you know if my pants got wet or my kindle got ruined.

Have a nice read and talk to you later.



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