Marked by Pain

Marked by Pain (The Marked Series Book 2) by [Rose, Cece, Bailey, G.]Book two Marked by Pain in the Marked Series by Gemma Bailey and Cece Rose. This book starts about where book 1 left off.  Kenzie has been taken hostage by her father and her brother to a secret location. She is being forced to consider using her 12th mark for the rebels gain. Kenzie doesn’t believe in the rebels cause and is doing everything that she can to resist.  While captured, Kenzie learns that she was betrayed by one of the men that she was coming to have feelings for. The betrayal by not only her brother but one of her guys starts to have an impact on Kenzie. She starts to pretend to go along since she keeps looking for a way to escape. It seems that everyone around her knows what the 12th power can do, but have been keeping it from Kenzie.  Who would betray her? Can the rest of her guys come to the rescue and save not only her, but can her brother be saved also?

So this book has so much going on, I don’t want to give a lot of it away.  The book is written from different characters points of view, with the addition of Mr. Daniels (still no first name).  The majority of the book still follows Kenzie’s actions. She is still a strong character that tries her best to overcome all of the issues that are plaguing her.  I feel so bad for her with everything that happens in this book.  It is like she can’t catch a break. This book finally gets to a little more hot and heavy action, though it is still rather reserved. It is the perfect voice for this series. The guys are all great and how they change and how they act is a great inclusion to the story. This is a reverse harem, and in the marked society that is the norm.  I can’t wait for the next one to be out as Gemma and Cece left us almost off the cliff.


Check out Book 2 Marked in Pain here.


Pick up Book 1 here and read my review here.


Pre-order Book 3 here.


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