Eve of Eternal Night

Eve of Eternal Night (The Zodiac Curse: Harem of Shadows Book 1) by [Natusch, Amber Lynn]Eve of Eternal Night is the first in The Zodiac Curse: Harem of Shadows Book 1 by  Amber Lynn Natusch. Eve Carmichael is a chemistry major that seems to only be eeking by. She prefers to be alone and hates when people knows who she is.  Her father is a high end lawyer and her mother is a movie star.  Her father ignores her and her mother has been out of the picture since her parents nasty divorce. Her father’s solution for everything is to threaten legal action and Eve doesn’t care anymore. On her way home from a frat party, Eve sees a murder and freaks out. The next day at school, Eve is sent to a new advisor and from there to a new psychologist to help her with the break downs she keeps having. A group of 5 different men come into her life and start affecting her and opening her eyes to things that have been and things that could be. Each of the 5 guys have Eve in common especially since they are all so different.

This was a good read of first book in a series. There is a lot going on and Eve has a lost of issues.  She has a hard time coming to grasps with her past and this makes her character very flawed.  But flawed isn’t always a bad thing.  Eve has had too many things go wrong that when something might be right she can’t help but run the other way.  I feel so bad for Eve.  The writing is well done and thought out. I hope that Eve can move past everything and come to terms with everything happening to her. I really like the guys, and how complex they are.  I can’t wait to see how the prologue adds to the rest of the story.


Check out Eve of Eternal Night here.


One thought on “Eve of Eternal Night

  1. […] that the different books have been written by different authors.  The first Eve of Eternal Night (read my review here) was written by Amber Lynn Natusch while the newest release is by C.N. Crawford. These books do not […]


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