Shadow Wings

Shadow wingsShadow Wings, the Darkest Drae book two. By Raye Wagner and Kelly St. Clare.

We pick up after Ryn finds herself free from the king and the king is killed by Lord Irrik, better said lord Tyrrik. She finds out that Tyr and Ty are the same person and her world falls apart.
She trusted them and to find out that he, her worst nightmare, is the same person she fell in love with crushed her heart.

She tries to find her own place again in her world, tries to ignore the Drae lurking around.
And then a Phaetyn prince shows up, a really sexy prince. And that is not everything, when she comes into her powers, the emperor Draecon will know.
The prince offers her a safe place, a place to learn about her powers her Phaetyn side.
So they are going on a trip to find out where she belongs and Lord Tyrrik goes along.
He wants her to be safe, protected and keeps manipulating her, only is there more to it then him wanting to fulfil his goals….

Ryn doesn’t know who to trust, who speaks the truth or who only think about their own agenda’s.
Her life isn’t her own anymore and she needs to find a way to make it her own.
Listen to the people around her or to her heart?

I loved the first book and was very happy when I found out that the second one came out a few days ago. Thank you Amazon for the reminder email.

This book was great, I read it in one day and was a little sad it finished. I love how Ryn keeps growing and keeps trying to be the girl she was before. It is something I would do too, it makes it personal.
You never really know what is going to happen in the book, I got surprised a few times and keep guessing about what will happen next. Love it.
I like it that there is another option of male hunka hunka in the book and that she still has the option to choose, even when you know the choice already.

It is definitely a book you need to read, read first book one, before you start this one.
I kind of missed the darker parts from the first book, only the story doesn’t need to much dark anymore. Still there are parts that are a little disturbing, and I mean a little, not much.

Go on, buy here the second book. And here the first if you haven’t started it yet.

Have a nice read,




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